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Circus Education has developed in recent years out of the huge interest in circus and in circus artistry.  Our Foundation Training can transmit to all interested parties professional, highest-level training in this field. Alongside practice and transference of circus skills from tutors to participants, utilizing theatrical methods is also a particular focus of our qualification. All tutors and trainers on our courses can draw on years of experience teaching, on the stage and in circuses, and are sought after educators in their specialized fields at home and abroad.


The principal aim of this professional training is to school the participants in basic competences in the various fields of circus and artistry, starting from each individual's theatrical, artistic and playful way of interacting with the world. 'Learning by doing' is the motto that guides us in this work. Your own skill-set in play and games will be challenged, brought forward, deepened. Throughout, we will reflect on the process of play itself and techniques used to facilitate this, as well as continually looking at applications in the working environment of all participants.


The program is aimed at people who are active in educational/artistic jobs and professions, whether on a full-time, part-time or voluntary basis. Moreover, applicants need to be interested in a professional qualification in the areas discussed above. Applicants normally do have some skills and experience in circus and/or theater. This is not however a prerequisite for applying.


The training course consists of 9 phases spread over a 12 month period. This means 7 weekends plus two longer modules – one of 5 days at the start of the year, and one of 10 days at the end. The weekends start on Friday at 5 pm and finish on Sunday at 3 pm. Course times on the first day of each module are always from 5–9 pm, on the following days from 9.30 am – 6 pm, and on the concluding Sundays from 9.30 am to 3 pm. The course times for the longer modules also follow this model. This Foundation Training Course lasts for c.320 'teaching units', each teaching unit lasting 45 mins. The first training year started in October 2014.

Number of participants: minimum 10 to maximum 18 places available


The course takes place in Circus Abrax Kadabrax's premises in the Osdorf district of Hamburg. We have various spaces at our disposal for teaching and training: a sports hall, a movement and gymnastics room in the Bornheide Community Center (in German: Bürgerhaus), and the circus tent itself. During our breaks we can use the delightful circus café built in an old circus wagon.


It will be possible for participants to get a warm, good-value lunch in the community center/Bürgerhaus if this is desired. The cost of these meals is not included in the course fees.


Participants who live out with Hamburg have to arrange their accommodation themselves. We do aim to offer help with this, as far as is possible. Participants can receive on request a list of good-value accommodation options within easy reach of our course location. Whoever is satisfied with just a sleeping bag and camping mat, is welcome to stay in the sports hall.


Circus Abrax Kadabrax, Bornheide 76, 22549 Hamburg

Public transport connections: Lines 3, 21 and 37

Get off at stop: Achtern Born / Kindermuseum

Our further training qualification is recognized by in Hamburg as continuing professional education, in accordance with Hamburg state law, § 15 HmbBUG 1. More information on the recognition of and structure of our training course is available here:

Recognition of the qualification.


Program 2015/2016 including details about the 2nd training group in Hamburg (HG2) as a PDF file(in german)

Specific phases / modules in the qualification can be booked individually – if spaces are available, and if this has been discussed directly. This is possible without taking part in the complete qualification.


Course Fee:                                                              € 2.590,00

Reduced Course Fee (Student, Unemployed etc.)    € 2.350,00

Payment Method:

A registration fee of €310 has to be paid first, followed by 12 monthly payments, each of €190, or, if qualifying for reduction, of €170.



Depending on the federal state in Germany in which the participants are registered as living, there are a range of various methods of funding continuing professional education. Through a so-called 'education bonus' (in German: Bildungsprämie) for participants with low incomes, these individuals can save up to 50% / a maximum of €500 of the course fee. More information under:

If you live in Hamburg:

Individuals in Hamburg can apply for funding for a 'Professional Education Bonus' (in German: "Weiterbildungsbonus"), which could cover up to 50% / a maximum of €750 of the fees for part-time, professional qualifications.  More information under:

Further possibilities

The following page gives a good overview of the various funding possibilities for part-time, ongoing professional training: We are happy to advise you in this regard, as far as is possible.


After your written application on the application form has been received, each participant will be sent confirmation of this and a training course contract. When you have sent back the signed training course contract and have transferred the down-payment of €310, then your place is officially reserved. This application is binding for the entire course duration. If a participant rescinds 8 or more weeks before the date when the program starts, we will charge a processing fee of €50. If a participant rescinds less than 8 weeks before program start, then the course fee can only be refunded if the place is filled by another participant. Cancellations can only be accepted in writing. We can assume no liability to damages to participants' property or health. Accident insurance, if required, is entirely the responsibility of the participants during the program.


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