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Our Training Course in Freiburg beginning May 2015 is now booked out. It is now only possible to for the waiting list for this course. The next-again start date for a training course is for: Course G22, in May 2016.


Circus Education has developed in recent years out of the huge interest in circus and in circus artistry.  Our Foundation Training can transmit to all interested parties professional, highest-level training in this field. Alongside practice and transference of circus skills from tutors to participants, utilizing theatrical methods is also a particular focus of our qualification. All tutors and trainers on our courses can draw on years of experience teaching, on the stage and in circuses, and are sought after educators in their specialized fields at home and abroad.


The principal aim of this professional training is to school the participants in basic competences in the various fields of circus and artistry, starting from each individual's theatrical, artistic and playful way of interacting with the world. 'Learning by doing' is the motto that guides us in this work. Your own skill-set in play and games will be challenged, brought forward, deepened. Throughout, we will reflect on the process of play itself and techniques used to facilitate this, as well as continually looking at applications in the working environment of all participants.


The program is aimed at people who are active in educational/artistic jobs and professions, whether on a full-time, part-time or voluntary basis. Moreover, applicants need to be interested in a professional qualification in the areas discussed above. Applicants normally do have some skills and experience in circus and/or theater. This is not however a prerequisite for applying.


The professional training is divided up into 12 phases during a 2 year period. These 12 phases normally run from a Sunday evening to the following Friday afternoon. Course times are 9.30am-1pm and from 3pm to 6.30pm All course weeks take place during the official state holidays for Baden-Württemberg.

Alongside the taught phases of the program, participants are required to organize regional groups with min. 3 and max. 6 participants themselves, as a formal element of the qualification. The regional groups should meet at least once between each of the taught phases. The complete program consists of 920 teaching hours.

Whoever wishes to make use of their special right of termination at the end of the first year, acquires a certified qualification as a Basic Circus Trainer, consisting of 440 teaching hours. After completing the entire program, participants acquire a certified qualification as a Circus Educator, consisting of 920 teaching hours.

The next professional training course begins May 2015.

Number of participants: minimum 10, maximum 18 spaces.

Program phases and dates

Education rooms and premises


The participants must organize their accommodation themselves. Here is a list of accommodation options at good prices.

Recognition and accreditation of the program.

Download: Program for the training group G22, 2015, as PDF


PRICES for program G22, starting May 2016

Prices are for both complete years, for the certificate as Circus Educator:

Registration Fee    Euro (€) 240

Monthly Payment   Euro (€) 190 / reduced €170*

25 monthly payments: starting May 2016 to May 2018, total of €4990 / reduced 4490.

Prices just for the first year (with use of special right of termination) for the certificate as Basic Circus Trainer:

12 payments: starting May 2016 to April 2017, total of €2520 / reduced €2280

 * Reduction for fees, unemployed etc. with proof of reason for reduction



After your written application – using the application form – has been received, you receive confirmation and a program agreement. After you have sent back the signed program agreement and have transferred the registration fee of €240, your place will then be officially reserved. Your application is binding for the entire program. After 12 months you do have a right of extraordinary termination of the agreement. If a participant rescinds 8 or more weeks before the date when the program starts, we will charge a processing fee of €50. If a participant rescinds less than 8 weeks before program start, then the course fee can only be refunded if the place is filled by another participant. Cancellations can only be accepted in writing. We can assume no liability to damages to participants' property or health. Accident insurance, if required, is entirely the responsibility of the participants during the program.


Phases and Dates G 20  G 21, G 22 and V4

From May 2015, coinciding with the 21st year of our program, we are moving the principal education center to Freiburg-in-Breisgau, in south-west Germany. To start with, we will be offering our part-time qualification on a bi-annual basis at the new location. In the 1st year the Foundation Training, and in the 2nd year the Consolidation Phase. It is however possible for participants 'just' to book the first training year. Our qualification takes place on the premises of Circus Harlekin, near the city-center.

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