to the web pages of the Jojo-Center for Theatre and Artistry. We've been offering part-time training courses and qualifications in Circus Education for 20 years now, making us one of the pioneers in the branch. In that period women and men from all over Germany and the neighboring European countries have taken part in our educational program. 

We offer a Foundation Training Course, a Consolidation Phase and Advanced Practioners’ Training, making a total of up to 1700 teaching hours. From May 2015, we will be working from our new base in Freiburg, south-west Germany so that we can offer the first and second years (Foundation Training and Consolidation) at one location. We also offer the first year Foundation Training at our center in Hamburg, in the north of Germany.

Each section of the program concludes with a certificate, and the qualifications reached at the end of each section are the equivalent of the German National Association for Circus Education's stipulated requirements. (This organization is called the 'Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Zirkuspädagogik' in German). Moreover, our further training is also recognized by the Federal Association of Theater Education (in German: Bundesverband der Theaterpädagogik e.V.), and in Hamburg as continuing professional education, in accordance with Hamburg state law, § 15 HmbBUG 1.

Our different training groups stage one or two final performances of their work every year. It is also possible to book specific modules of the various training courses individually. Impressions of the week with the final performances  here in our latest trailer

In addition, we offer individual courses / modules targeted to meet individual needs, further training in clowning, and our directing skills for circus and theater.

Our Jojo-Center sends out prospectuses for all our various training courses per post, and roughly four times a year via an email newsletter. If you're interested, please order the prospectus and / or the newsletter here via email.

And this link will take you to the annual program for 2016, as a download.


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