Bruno Zühlke (Director of Training)

Bruno trained as a youth-worker before studying Social Work and going on to work with young people for many years. Further training in the areas of theater and circus since the 1980s, including courses at the Akademie Remscheid (Theater Education and Directing), the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, London, with Pierre Byland in Locarno (Clowning), and Keith Johnstone. Today Bruno is a self-employed comedian and clown (Jojo). Moreover, he is also a certified Theater Educator (German BUT certification) and Art Therapist (Drama Therapy). Alongside performing and course direction of the various training groups, Bruno teaches at home and abroad, and directs a wide range of theater projects. He has won a series of prizes for his own stage productions, including the Baden-Württemberg Variety Theater prize (“Kleinkunstpreis”). Bruno lives in south Germany near Freiburg, is married and has two grown-up children.


Samuel Jornot

Samuel is Swiss and trained to be a teacher through an Educational Science Degree. Training in mime and acting with Jacques Lecoq and Etienne Decroux in Paris. Tours as a circus artist throughout Europe with the circuses Barum, Renz, Althoff and Ringling Bros., and through the USA with Barnum & Bailey. Gained substantial experience as a teacher of acrobatics and artistry at the National Polytechnic for Circus in Chalons-en-Champagne, France. Samuel has worked since 1996 as a self-employed circus teacher and choreographer, and as a guest tutor at the Belgian Circus School ESAC. From 1985 to 1989, he worked as artistic advisor for 'Cirque du Soleil' productions. He is in high demand as a director for circus, theater and events. In 2006 he founded a Bachelor Degree for Circus Artistry in Holland, and was until 2014 also artistic director of 'Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art'.


Günter Klingler

Günter Klingler is a dancer, circus artist and choreographer. After his training in physical and movement theater at the 'Scuola Teatro Dimitri', Günter worked for 'Circus Monti' in Switzerland as a clown. Since 1999 he's been performing as 'Heinz Herrmann' with his own solo production combining comedy and artistry, and has also worked with various ensembles. He teaches contemporary dance, contact improvisation, acrobatics and creative juggling at universities and at training programs in Finland, Holland, Switzerland and Italy. In 2006 he founded 'HeadFeedHands', a company for new circus, dance and theater, which is currently touring internationally with two productions. Gestalt Therapy methods are integrated into his teaching work and also play a major role in his choreographic activities.

Günter Fortmeier

Günter graduated from the Folkwang University in Essen, from the faculty of Acting and Pantomime. Between 1986 and 1992 he was a member of the travelling circus tent Theater Compagnia Buffo. In 1993 he won the theater prize of the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper with the Teatro Scarello, the company he had moved on to. Nowadays Günter performs in a range of variety shows with his incomparable open hand theater and ventriloquist acts. Alongside this he takes the stage with this variety theater evening shows and children's shows. He has been teaching pantomime and figuration mimée since 1992.

Helga Kröplin

Director, actor, musician and self-employed theater educator. Degree in Art and Music from Duisburg University; training in Theater Education at the Akademie Remscheid; training as a stage clown at 'theater trainist' in Darmstadt. Years of practical theater work in a variety of ensembles and theater projects, including her own productions at home and abroad. After seven years of work in theater, Helga developed her own personality-orientated approach for theater and music practice. A further focus of emphasis is work on and with voice and language. She tutors and lectures for trainee Circus Educators and leads workshops in presentation and presence skills. She is also active as a director.

Andreas Balzer (Legal Issues, Management, Insurance and Marketing)

Andreas was born in 1956, lives in Pforzheim, and graduated as a teacher and business economist (German qualification: VWA). He has worked as an actor, director, in adult education, as a culture manager and as a business director of a large conference-center. He currently teaches state-wide classes in Event Management at the Event Academy in Baden-Baden. He is also active as an expert and trainer for the event-economy (MICE),

Claudia Herr  - Office

Claudia originally qualified as an insurance broker.

She has been supporting Bruno in the Oberspitzenbach office since January 2002, in his ever increasing load of administration work.

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Heike Jornot

is a circus artist and circus educator. Heike has worked for many years alongside her husband Samuel as an artist in a great variety of circuses, and has toured in Europe with Barum, Renz, Althoff and Ringling Bros., and in the USA with Barnum & Bailey. Moreover, Heike also graduated from the Foundation Course in Circus Education from our very own institute.

Maria Dunst (Clown Training Assistant )

Maria used to work as an anaesthetic nurse alleviating pain, now she works as a Circus Educator in schools and companies, spreading the clown and circus virus.

Maria has graduated from all three phases of the Jojo-Center training program, and has taken part in numerous workshops about the connections between clowning and children's yoga. She is the founder of Circus Rhinoceros in Graubuenden in Switzerland, and works together with her husband in the clowning duo "The Evaporators" on the stage and in health-care institutions.

Maria Duns-Internett
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Dennis von Salis (Organizational Management, Hamburg)

Dennis is qualified as a youth and kindergarten worker, and as a circus educator. He gained his first experience in both participating in and training circus as a teenager already. After he qualified as a youth and kindergarten worker, he broadened his horizons with a one-year stay in Australia, before resuming his circus education work in Hamburg. Dennis qualified from our own Foundation Course on a part-time basis, and has also graduated from our Consolidation Phase and Advanced Practioners' Training at the Jojo-Center. Since 2008 he's been working on a self-employed basis for various projects including Circus Abrax Kadabrax, where he trains groups of children and young people, and is managing director of the Osdorfer Born branch in Hamburg. Dennis is a core part of the further training team, and is also – among other tasks – responsible for organizational questions specific to the Hamburg training.

Dennis Internet

Jörg Breitweg (Monitoring, Feedback and quality management criteria in Circus Education)

Jörg studied social-work before working as a streetworker and in adult education. Further training qualifications followed as a Quality Manager (with TAW certificate), mediator and in the field of non-violent communication. Parallel to that, Jörg performed as a street artist and directed amateur circuses. He is chairperson of the professional organization LAG Circus Education in Bavaria. He is also on the board of the project 'Circus Makes Us Strong' (German: 'Zirkus macht stark'), and was a co-developer of the BAG standards in Circus Education. In his work today, Jörg focuses on 'body-based drug and violence prevention work' and 'preventing violence in schools'.

Selina Marmsoler und Isabelle Noël (Organizational Management, Freiburg)

Selina (photo, left) discovered the world of circus early, in a circus for kids and young people in South Tyrol. She studied educational science in Innsbruck and has graduated from the Foundation Training and Consolidation Phases of the Jojo-Center's training program. She has been working full-time in various circus projects in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Isabelle (photo, right) started doing circus when she was 11. She studied Art Education majoring in 'Performance Arts', and has worked as a trainer for Circus Harlekin in Freiburg since 2004. She has graduated from Jojo-Center's Foundation Training. Alongside productions for her own company VoiliVoilà, she is involved in a range of other artistic projects.

Isabelle und Selina
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Günter Fortmeier für Internet 2014
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