Phase of training       

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Qualification and accreditation        

Time needed


Phase 4


Final qualifying     


-Professional practise -Mentoring scheme  -Final performance -colloquium


Qualification with certificate: Circus Educator, BAG


300 hours


 Phase 3

Advanced Practitioners' Training  

6 modules


-Regional groups  -Professional practise  -Tour at conclusion    


Qualification with certificate            "Producing and Directing."


480 hours


Phase 2

Consolidation (Freiburg)

6 modules, including compulsory and optional modules    


--Regional groups   -Professional practise        -Mentoring scheme  -Colloquium at end


Qualification with certificate: Circus Educator. Recognized by BUT as a foundation course


440 hours


 Phase 1


Foundation Course (Hamburg and Freiburg  New groups annually, 6 modules. Hamburg: 9 modules.    


-Regional Groups   -Professional practise   


Qualification with certificate: "Circus Trainer: Foundation Level".


480 hours/ Hamburg 320 hours




The federal association for Circus Education (BAG Zirkuspaedaogik) passed a regulation on January 1, 2013, according to which people with extensive experience as circus educators and relevant qualifications could acquire accreditation as a BAG Circus Educator. The requirements and application forms can be downloaded directly from the BAG website:
Moreover, our qualification is also included on the list of recommended educational institutes produced by the Federal Association of Theater Educators (in German: BUT). That is why our training hours can also be counted as part of the accreditation as a Theater Educator (BUT). Parallel to this, the qualification continues to be recognised as a suitable qualification for the in-service training of teachers by the Cultural Ministry of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. In the federal state of Hamburg, our course is recognised as professional further training in accordance with state law paragraph:  § 15 HmbBUG 1.


The Jojo-Center is a member of the Federal Association of Circus Education (in German: Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Zirkuspaedagogik e.V.) and in the Federal Association of Theater Educators (German: Bundesverband der Theaterpaedagogen e.V. BUT.) Bruno Zuehlke sits on an advisory board for the Federal Association for Circus Education, and is actively involved in the accreditation of Circus Educators.


Total extent of course = up to maximum 1700 teaching hours. 1 teaching hour = 45 mins.

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